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18 January 2021 - Michał “rysiek” Woźniak

Centralisation is a danger to democracy

After the Capitol riot, the question isn't about how the social media monopolists should wield their power - the question is whether they should have such power in the first place.

27 November 2018 - Irina Bolychevsky

Our plan for the next 12 months

Here's out plan for the next 12 months. Conference, meetups, research and more. Help fund us on patreon to make it happen!

5 October 2018 - Irina Bolychevsky

How solid is Tim’s plan to redecentralize the web?

The internet and near-costless scaling of digital has allowed the concentration of too much power in too few hands. Our systems for accountability can’t or won’t keep up. By building alternatives, the decentralisation of networks, governance and control are a promising antidote. That’s why it’s exciting to see web inventor Tim Berners-Lee announce a commercial venture to support the Solid platform.

4 October 2018 - Irina Bolychevsky

Are Personal Data Stores about to become the NEXT BIG THING?

We’ve heard about the consequences of mass personal data mining — from manipulating elections to exploiting people’s neuroses. Companies keep basing their business models around tracking their users and selling that data. Data breaches and unsavory uses of all this information clearly infringe personal privacy, but what’s the alternative beyond becoming a cave-dwelling hermit?

9 November 2015 - Irina Bolychevsky

First Conference Reflections

A quick writeup and overview of the first redecentralize conference from 2015. Written for the FLOSS newsletter in Nov 2015, reproduced here in its former glory

27 January 2014 - Danny Knestaut

Taking Back the Cloud with ownCloud

When Google announced the retiring of Reader, once again I found myself doing the cloud service shuffle. While many looked to Feedly as the heir apparent of Google Reader, I decided to take control and end the cycle of shepherding my data from one cloud service to the next

21 January 2014 - Mike Sandford

Decentralisation and Generative Systems

I went to a Redecentralize meet-up the other day (3rd December, as it happens) and thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting a bunch of people and finding out what they did and how they saw the internet playing out both short and long term.