9 November 2015 - Irina Bolychevsky

First Conference Reflections

A quick writeup and overview of the first redecentralize conference from 2015. Written for the FLOSS newsletter in Nov 2015, reproduced here in its former glory

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27 January 2014 - Danny Knestaut

Taking Back the Cloud with ownCloud

When Google announced the retiring of Reader, once again I found myself doing the cloud service shuffle. While many looked to Feedly as the heir apparent of Google Reader, I decided to take control and end the cycle of shepherding my data from one cloud service to the next

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21 January 2014 - Mike Sandford

Decentralisation and Generative Systems

I went to a Redecentralize meet-up the other day (3rd December, as it happens) and thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting a bunch of people and finding out what they did and how they saw the internet playing out both short and long term.

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10 January 2014 - Francis Irving

4 motivations for redecentralization

Why are people motivated by... 1) Privacy. 2) Resilience. 3) Competition. 4) Fun

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