What is redecentralization?

We’re at the start of a new information revolution. The last one was the printing press.

It took centuries for us to work out how to use print fairly. Concepts like copyright, the novel and libraries were formed, which we all take for granted now.

Although it seems like lots has happened... personal computers, the world wide web, smart phones… Really, it’s only just begun.

The original Internet was decentralized. Anyone could set up parts of it. That’s why it won.

For various reasons, control of our information technologies is increasingly falling into a few hands. Some big companies and Governments.

We want it to become decentralized. Again.

Why should anyone care?

Motivations for decentralizing the internet vary. These three keep coming up:

  1. Resilient - whether there’s a hurricane, a severed trans-atlantic cable or just a train line with a poor connection, we’d like to be able to carry on making phone calls and sharing documents.
  2. Private - as a company keeping our commercial secrets, or as an individual concerned about criminals and overreaching governments, we'd like our most personal messages not to be held in distant data centres.
  3. Competitive - we're often forced to use one dominant provider who restricts competition, we'd like to build communtities around new protocols, driving innovation of new services on top.

What’s Redecentralize.org do?

Our goal is to get decentralized products into the hands of billions.

We help build the communities and networks needed to make that happen.

We’re not going to build technology or products ourselves.

So far we've …

We will do things like …

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What motivates Redecentralize.org?

How can I help?

We're decentralized, so just start doing stuff!

Join the email list and post ideas, organize via our wiki.

Some ideas…

Who started it?

How can we contact you?

Best is to talk on the email list. You can contact the founders directly via hello@redecentralize.org.