Redecentralize Digest

The Redecentralize Digest is a monthly publication about internet (re)decentralisation. It covers progress and thoughts relating technology and politics, without ties to a particular project nor to one definition of decentralisation — figuring out its meanings and relations is part of the mission.

The digest’s format and content are not set in stone. Feedback and suggestions for next editions are welcome at

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Previous (re)digests

December 2019

In this issue: 36C3 • Delta Chat • Twitter’s bluesky • Site.js

November 2019

In this issue: IGF • .org sell-out • death of transit • etc.

October 2019

In this issue: Redecentralize unconference • break them open • app store politics • etc.

September 2019

In this issue: DNS over HTTPS • Facebook on data portability • Nitter • etc.

August 2019

In this issue: CCCamp • Data Transfer Project • EU’s internet plans • etc.

July 2019

In this issue: DWeb Camp • adversarial interoperability • local-first software • fediverse hosting & blocking • etc.