We’ve had enough of digital monopolies and surveillance capitalism. We want an alternative world that works for everyone, just like the original intention of the web and net.
We seek a world of open platforms and protocols with real choices of applications and services for people. We care about privacy, transparency and autonomy. Our tools and organisations should fundamentally be accountable and resilient.

About us

We are a movement of people pioneering technologies and governance models to redecentralize the web.

Our mission

The internet, once hailed as a force for democracy, has allowed a handful of monoliths to amass more power than most nation states. Social media have become surveillance machines, making our interactions with technology feel exploitative. We aim to change that. Redecentralize strives for an alternative ecosystem made up of interoperable products and services build on public infrastructures. Products, moreover, that do not surveill their users, but instead protect their right to privacy.

Bridging Communities

A web built for everyone requires us all to get involved. Redecentralize creates space for communities to share their knowledge, learn from each other and celebrate successes. We bring people together to work on common challenges and build open infrastructures that promote interoperable services. We help existing solutions gain mainstream attention and help define how we measure progress to the goals and objectives of decentralization.



Data & technology should enhance our ability to make informed and un-coerced decisions, on both an individual and organisational level. It should respect our personal and collective privacy.


We only succeed when the systems and tools we create are inclusive to anyone, regardless of time availability, physical fitness, wealth or digital literacy.

Privacy & trust

Digital services should respect our personal and collective privacy. Personal information should be secure and used to deliver services in a trusted, non-exploitative and accountable way.

How to join

Redecentralize relies heavily on its community of technologists, scientists, designers and decentralization enthousiast. Get involved!

We need web developers, community managers, event organisers, marketing and policy advisors to help build and grow our community and organise our next conference. Eager to help? Email us at, join the conversation on our forum, or chat with us on #redecentralize.

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Irina Bolychevsky

Irina is the founder and director of Redecentralize. She’s a digital strategist and expert on data, open data, data platforms, standards, privacy and decentralised technology. She led the ckan open source data platform to international adoption, served on Open Knowledge’s senior management team and now as a board member and developed the personal data infrastructure programme within the UK’s Government Digital Service. She’s developed national and federal policy, regulatory, commercial and technical frameworks for city-wide information marketplaces and is currently running a data trust pilot and advising on digital identity for the Open Data Institute.

Anouk Ruhaak

Anouk has a background in economics, political science and software development. Over the past decade, she has developed her research skills as an economic analyst and investigative journalist, led software development teams and founded several communities in the technological space. For the past year she has been researching and advising on data sharing solutions that make (personal) data available for the common good, while protecting personal and collective privacy.


For more information you can reach us at: