Our plan for the next 12 months

27 Nov 2018 — Irina Bolychevsky

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We are fighting for a fairer web and internet where people have privacy, agency, choice and control. A decentralized digital world.


Why us?

We’re an independent institute dedicated to improving the ecosystem as a whole. We’re not here to sell a specific platform or cryptocurrency and we know what we’re talking about. We’ve been in this space for a while, inspired numerous initiatives and have experience with digital campaigns, adoption, communities, standard setting and policy.


Our internet, which once promised empowerment, freedom and equality is now dominated by a handful of huge companies with more power than most nation states. Our communication platforms are surveillance machines with exploitative business models. Corporations own my social network graph. Facebook spends billions optimising features that serve the needs of advertisers not people. We’re herded into accepting terms and conditions too long to read with consequences we don’t control.

A revolution is brewing. Decentralized technologies, barely talked about five years ago, are gaining momentum. New decentralized internets are popping up left and right, politicians are briefed on blockchain and decentralized governance models are gaining traction.

Yet despite the progress and hype, most people still depend on a handful of tech monopolies to work, communicate or buy online. New users don’t know where to start with alternatives. We’re in danger of creating new silos that don’t serve the needs of people. We need mainstream adoption of alternatives, better UX, greater awareness and interoperability between decentralised solutions.

We need to work on this now. And we need your help! Support redecentralize today. We helped launch the decentralization movement five years ago. Become a member now to support this community to bring about connected, successful alternatives to digital monopolies and old power.