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Redecentralize Digest — July 2021

A short digest in vacation time. After the summer, we would love to grow our pool of contributors, to help cover decentralisation from many angles. If you are into these topics and available for an hour or two each month to share observations and insights with the community, drop us a message to get involved and join our virtual newsroom!


Just a few tips:


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About this digest

The Redecentralize Digest is a monthly publication about internet (re)decentralisation. It covers progress and thoughts relating technology and politics, without ties to a particular project nor to one definition of decentralisation — figuring out its meanings and relations is part of the mission.

This digest was written by Gerben, with thanks for all tips & suggestions.

The digest’s format and content are not set in stone. Feedback, corrections and suggestions for next editions are welcome at hello@redecentralize.org. We don’t spy on our readers, so please do tell us what you think!