Follow us OFF Facebook image/svg+xml Follow us OFF Facebook 2020-09-29 The homework • Create your presence on the Fediverse!• Get your institution to do it too.Some places to start:•• Social media is in a troubled state.Privacy violations, misinformation, hate speech, arbitrary take-downs, addiction, psychological exploitation, inaccountability, data breaches, intransparency, political interference, manipulation, forced consent, monopoly abuse, state surveillance, …… OFF The dilemma The reality The ideal The responsability The first step The Fediverse Gerben Jana Höffner Marcel Kolaja • Avoid having to be where the audience is.Replace a platform with a network• Free choice of providers and apps, independent of what other people choose.• Like email, telephone providers, banks, … Public institutions want to reach citizens.• One can hardly avoid using these platforms.• These are not public infrastructure, but they are used as if they are.• You can either reach or respect your citizens. • Can an institution blame the platforms?• If organisation chooses to use Facebook, they compel people to accept Facebook’s ToS — “free consent”?• GDPR suggests joint controllership (see e.g. the Wirtschaftsakademie case in 2018) The obvious