UX Patterns for decentralization

Below are notes extracted from the etherpad for this session (held at Redecentralize 2019)

Session Title: UX Patterns for decentralization

Called by: Eileen


Who Came?:

People are interested in learning: how to avoid bad UX because of strong consequences, how to guide users through tasks, how humans interact with software, how to make people care; UX questions for specfic projects; how to make highly complex systems more simple for users; how to make interfaces for contracts manageable for non-lawyers; what UX can mean in a decentralized space; interest in design

What Happened?


Identity: What is an identity? Can someone have multiple identities? What is an accessible way of talking about it? (Containers) Mirror Managing identity Tracking protection


Peer 2 Peer Messenger App What are basic elements? Add people. Discover new users? QR code Find by community! Sharing of contacts/trust Client implementation doesn’t have to match the protocol; there can be reduced complexity in the client.