IndieWeb Decentralized Standards and Methods

Below are notes extracted from the etherpad for this session (held at Redecentralize 2019)

Session Title: IndieWeb Decentralized Standards and Methods

Called by: Kevin Marks

See also Tantek’s write-up about this session:

What Happened?

Discussed specifications, tools, services linked from:

Demonstrated how to check your site with for your h-card, and h-entry

Also showed & discussed: as a way to check your markup and the JSON output overview of specifications

e.g. test suite, and living editor’s draft:

Dove into indie web events a bit more and RSVPs.

Kevin live RSVPd to the event that I’d shown viewed source on that and walked through the markup ran it through to show the resulting JSON

And IndieAuth:


and logging into with via GitHub rel=me

How do I add a new way to authenticate, like SecureScuttleButt?

Make an IndieAuth provider that handles SSB authentication. See the specification:

But first read Aaron’s article on “OAuth for the Open Web”

How reading works on the IndieWeb

Microsub standard

showed signing into:

adding a subscription:

reading feeds:

Does this work with static sites?

Yes! See:

E.g. uses Heroku Webmention App to display likes etc. in the footer

How do you do updates and deletes with Webmentions?

Next Actions: By When, By Whom?:

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