Redecentralize Radar app directory

Resilio Use

Resilio is worth using every day for file synchronization. 31 Mar 2017

Syncthing Try

Syncthing is worth trying for file synchronization. 24 Mar 2017

Riot Try

Riot is worth trying for group chat. 10 Mar 2017

Sandstorm Try

Sandstorm is worth trying as a replacement for an organisation's cloud software. 15 Feb 2017

Firefox Android Use

Firefox Android is worth using every day as a mobile web browser. 13 Feb 2017

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What is "good enough"?


This app looks really promising. It's not just a tech demo — it's got a good user interface and support too. If you're interested in a decentralized internet, try it out, and report bugs.


This app is great to use day to day, and many people do so. It is more private and more resilient than alternatives. Using it will help create a more competitive market.


This app is not only strategically important for decentralization, it competes extremely well against alternatives that your friends already use. Tell them about it.

Thanks to the inspiring ThoughtWorks Radar